2017 New Deb Dresses Designs Will Be Released

by Miranda Li

We are happy to let you know we have finished designing and making a new line of deb dresses. Photo shooting for the new line is scheduled for this week. We are happy for the new designs of this season and hope you will love it as much as we do. Stay tuned!

The Hassle-Free Guide to Buying Your deb dress Online

by Shu Wang

Shopping for a deb dress can be equal parts amazing and totally stressful experience. Trying on several dresses a day for a few solid weekends is enough to wear you out, especially if she can't find the perfect fit. While you could virtually try on thousands of gowns, your other option is to shop online for your dream dress, especially for those who are looking to find a dress on a budget.

Don't think it's possible to find the perfect gown online? Here are some tips and advice on how to do it right. It's actually easier than you think!

What should you know before starting her online search (i.e. measurements, the type of shoe she will be wearing, etc.)?

The first thing you should know is what type of style you like for the deb. The dress can really set the tone and mood for the entire day and should coordinate appropriately.

What are some potential pitfalls when going online to purchase a deb dress?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there, so it is important to be cautious when it comes time to buying the actual deb dress online. Check reviews of the company. A lot of site use photos from famous designers. The picture may look breathtaking, but the actual dress will look nothing like it. In addition, use secure payment options when buying online.

What kind of return policy should I look for on a deb dress?

It is common for sellers not to offer returns. In fact, you will find most sellers use policies like "All Sales Are Final." In cases where a seller does have a return policy, then it is standard for them to implement a few percent restocking fee. So, no need for alarm.

Is it more difficult to find what you're looking for when you haven't tried anything on?

Yes, I think the best thing you can do before shopping online is to try on some dresses in person. Get a feel for the type of style and fit that you prefer. Cap sleeves vs. strapless, or empire vs. A-line, etc.

More tips?

Rule number one is be patient. When looking for a dress online, it takes time to find the perfect one. Eventually, the one you're looking for will pop up.

Strap options for your deb dresses

by Shu Wang

We offer many straps options for our deb dresses. Many customers ask questions about how different straps look like. So we come up with this blog post of straps options.

Debutante Ball Checklist and Details

by Shu Wang

Here's a detailed list of the things you have to keep in check to keep debutante running smoothly. Having a time frame for everything means less stress and you don't have to worry about everything at once.

Five months before Debutante

If you're looking to get into shape or tone up for prom, start exercising and eating healthy now.

Three Months Before Detubante

Decide on a budget and how much money you want to spend, and how much your parents are willing to contribute. Don't assume they'll just take care of everything. Here are some examples on what you may or may not be spending money on.

  • Debutante Dress
  • Debutante Shoes
  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Make-up
  • Jewelry
  • Deance Lessons
  • Tickets
  • Photography
  • Venue Hire
  • Food and Drinks
  • Travel Arrangements

One Month Before Debutante

  • Make sure you debutante gwon is ready. Have it lengthened or shortened, tailored to fit, etc.
  • Start breaking in your shoes by wearing them with thick socks and casually wear them around the house. They look super cute while you're vacuuming or cleaning your cat's litter box. Sexy. You can also break them in by wearing thick socks and aiming a hair dryer at them. Or walk dramatically up and down your driveway so the pavement will roughen up your soles a bit. It'll be like a catwalk for your neighborhood.
  • Start whitening your teeth if you want.
  • Keep practicing your hair/makeup looks if you're doing it yourself!
  • Start tanning if you'd like. Good old fashioned sun tanning is the more natural way to go, just make sure to wear some SPF! If you're going the sun-exposure-free route and going spray tanning, remember to expoliate before so you don't get patchy! And work your way up to a darker shade so it doesn't look like you're suddenly a different race after a day.
  • Start avoiding salty foods so you don't bloat.

The Day Before Detutante

  • Take your deb dress out of closet, have it steamed to remove wrinkles.
  • Take a shower. You may or may not want to wash your hair, depending on when you washed it last. Slightly (emphasis on slightly, you don't wanna have greasy roots) dirty hair has better grip on curls and updos, so your style will last longer.
  • Relax. Meditate or do yoga or something. Go for a walk. Just don't do anything that'll make you sore tomorrow.
  • Get a lot of sleep. At least 8 hours. Make up for all that sleep you lost from the school year.

The Day of Debutante

You made it! You didn't die from any of the stress that you probably brought on yourself!

  • Take another shower, you were probably sweating yesterday from all the nerves. Just kidding. But yeah, shower.
  • Listen to some good music to relax and occasionally jump around while you get ready. Spontaneous flailing relieves stress and gets a funny reaction from your household pets.
  • Head out and have fun! All of the time you spent preparing for this is finally gonna pay off! You deserve this day of fun!

Visit our new YouTube channel!

by Shu Wang

We are excited to announce that we have created a new Deb Dresses Online YouTube Channel. You may view videos of models wearing our dresses walk and pose. We hope these videos could show you more details of the dress, and make it easier for you to select a dress. Also, explore some footage behind the scenes of our new designs photo shooting project.

Click here to watch the videos on our YouTube Channel

Please let us know how you like the videos by leaving a comment. We are thankful and extremely grateful for your continued support and trust.

With Love and Gratitude,
The Deb Dresses Online Team

Debutante Dress Cleaning and Preservation Instructions

by Shu Wang

The dress is such an important part of any special event that you could even call it an investment or valuable keepsake. Whether you want to preserve your dress for the memories or wear it again and again, following these maintenance and cleaning tips well help keep it as beautiful as the day it arrived.

Showroom Close Down 150201

by Shu Wang

Dear customers,

To lower our overhead, we will move our office to a new location in March. Due to limited space in the office, we decided to close the showroom, and focus on selling online at the moment. Thank you for your understanding!

Floor Sample Dresses Clearance Sale 141101

by Miranda Li

Dear Customers,

All our floor stock sample dresses, including wedding gowns, formal dresses, debutante dresses, are on sale now. Price range is from $50 to $200. Hurry up to come and grab a bargain!

Kind regards,

Jeca Designs Support Team

Hairstyles for your debutante ball

by Shu Wang

So you are not sure what's the best hairstyle to do for your debutante? We will write a series of articles to help you find the per 'do.

System Maintenance Notice - Website and Customer Service Temporarily Unavailable 05/08/14

by Miranda Li

Please note that our website and Customer Service Operations will be unavailable from 22:00 (AEST) on August 05 to 9:00 (AEST) on August 06 due to scheduled system maintenance. Our website and Customer Service Operations will resume service shortly after the maintenance period. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.