Economical Tips for Your Debutante Ball

by Shu Wang
economical tips for your debutante ball

Doing your debutante ball can become a little bit expensive, especially for girls. First there is the debutante gown and then hairdo, make-up, shoes, etc. So to help you keep the cost down and make your debutante ball more enjoyable by relieving the stress. Here are some simple tips for saving money for your debutante ball.

The shoes. Girls buy shoes with really high heels, and then find they can’t dance in them, or they hurt. Save yourself from having to buy a second pair and go for the sensible option!

The Dress. This is no doubt the debutante gown is most high-priced part of your debutante ball. Try and work out a budget and stick to it! Try going for a dress that has a little less detail, this can sometimes reduce the price tag. Or checking online stores and get the dress in your custom size, there are a great many of fabulous deb dresses at affordable prices online.

Make group bookings: Hair and Make-up artists will often give good discounts if you are booking in as a group. Sometimes, you can secure great deals just by booking early.