Beautifully Custom Made Vintage-Inspired Debutante Gown

by Miranda Li
vintage inspired debutante gown

We hand made this debutante gown from pattern to finish today. This vintage-inspired gown features lace bodice, plain organza skirt, scalloped neckline and illusion back. Pearls and sequins exquisitely embellished on the bodice. Finished with zipper and covered buttons closure. If you are looking for a vintage-inspired deb gown with short sleeves, then hope you could get inspirations from this dress.

Classic Slim A-line Deb Dresses For Every Style

by Miranda Li
slim a-line deb dresses

If you don’t like a princess ball-gown or full skirt dress, then pick slim A-line silhouettes for yourself. Slim A-line dresses are classics, timeless and such dresses that never goes out of style and will make you look incredibly feminine and gorgeous.

Timeless Chic Square Neckline Debutante Dresses

by Miranda Li
square neckline deb dresses

Square neckline debutante gowns are the most classic ones, charming and feminine, especially those with a vintage feel. For those who want a timeless and tasteful gown, we think you’ll love, because they stick to simple, yet elegant designs. Featuring flattering silhouettes, like the popular A-line or princess ball-gown.

Beautiful Off-the-Shoulder Deb Dresses

by Miranda Li
off the shoulder deb dresses

We love the timeless elegance of dresses with off-the-shoulder necklines. Off-the-shoulder debutante dresses are the most romantic and classic, it allows to open the top yet being modest and very feminine.

Deb Dresses With Beautiful Illusion Backs

by Miranda Li
beautiful illusion back deb dresses

Debutante gowns with illusion backs captures the spirit of elegant, romantic with exquisite, they are super timeless and chic! You may find dresses with a sheer tulle, semi sheer with floral appliques or lace and embellished illusion backs that is on buttons or without any. Deb gown with a catchy back look fantastic and express your personal style and add a bold touch to the look, enjoy these gorgeous dresses!

Sparkling Debutante Dresses You’ll Love

by Miranda Li
sparkling debutante dresses

Sometimes just one detail is enough to leave a long-lasting impression, to make you speechless, to inspire, and this is especially true if we speak about debutante dresses. The type of dresses that looks gorgeous at debutante ball is sparkling gowns. As for details, silver sequins, shimmering pearls and glittery crystals look stunning on your dress.

Romantic & Fairytale Debutante Gowns

by Miranda Li
romantic and fairytale debutante gowns

If you’re a sucker for gowns that are beautiful and delicate yet unforgettably romantic at the same time, this collection’s got you covered. Our Deb collection is undeniably bursting with romantic gowns with dreamy details. You may find gorgeous fairytale deb dresses

Princess Ball Gown Deb Dresses That Impress

by Miranda Li
princess ball gown deb dresses

We cannot predict a time when the ball gown will ever go out of style. It’s one of the most popular silhouettes and such a gown will make you look incredibly timelessly elegant, gorgeous and make you feel royal! The great thing about a ball gown is that it’s awesome for any figure type and it shows your curves to the best.

Classic & Simple Chiffon Deb Dresses

by Miranda Li
classic & simple chiffon deb dresses

Not a big fan of lace / tulle ball gowns, you say? You’re in luck! Today we have compiled our simple yet elegant chiffon collection for those who want a timeless and tasteful deb gown, you can trust us when we say you’re in for an absolute visual treat. Veering away from traditional lace or tulle ball gown, chiffon deb dresses often feature cleans lines with unfussy embellishment and lightweight fabrics, flattering silhouettes, like the popular A-line, as well as more modest necklines, like a bateau or scoop.

Effortlessly & Timeless Chic Deb Dresses

by Miranda Li
effortlessly & timeless chic deb dresses

There’s nothing wrong to go with an A-line or a princess-styled deb dress. Moreover, such silhouettes that never go out of style and will always look beautiful and absolutely timeless. That’s why today we are showing something dreamy and ethereal about dresses with classic silhouettes.