Custom Deb Dress for Ms. Claudia Martin

by Miranda Li
claudia's deb dress

This dress is mainly designed based on our dress named "Juliet" for the deb in September, 2019. The customer would like the lace and beads changed into white and silver instead of light golden ones, and add spaghetti straps to the dress with a lace up back. According to her specifications, we custom make the dress from pattern to finish. Hope you could get inspirations from this dress.

Beautiful And Flowing Grecian Goddess Deb Dresses

by Miranda Li
grecian goddess deb dresses

If you are looking for a deb dress in airy silhouette with light fabrics, why not choose a Grecian-styled gown? These flowing deb dresses are gorgeous for any figure type, even for a full-figured girl, you can also find a gown with beads, rhinestones to highlight the waistline.

All-over Lace Debutante Dresses

by Miranda Li
all-over lace deb dresses

An all-over lace debutante gown is always charming, bringing air of timelessly elegance and quintessence of femininity at once, and many designers have already proven it presenting such gowns. Such a romantic gown will make you look incredibly stunning and gorgeous, just like no other! So if you are having a deb, take it into consideration. Let’s dip into the topic for more examples.

Racerback Deb Dresses

by Miranda Li
racerback deb dresses

We love various dress detailing, and sometimes cool details make up the whole dress and your look. We’ve already shared some open back debutante gowns: romantic lace ones, boho ones and those with shoulder straps but there is a very chic and stunning feminine idea.

Classic Embroidered Deb Dresses

by Miranda Li
embroidered deb dresses

If you just want a more classic debutante gown, today’s roundup is for you. We speak a lot about trendy deb gowns: lace floral ones, sparkly ones and those with shoulder straps but there’s timeless classics that never goes out of style and will fit many silhouettes and body shapes.

Scoop Neckline Debutante Dresses

by Miranda Li
Scoop Neckline Debutante Dresses

When you are looking for a deb dress, the two main things to figure out is what silhouette and what neckline you want. Scoop neckline gowns is real timeless classic, which never goes out of style. They look modest than strapless ones and comfier in wearing.

Tips for Inviting Parents to Attend the Debutante Ball

by Miranda Li

Most debutante balls are attended by students and their dates only. However a number of debs committees do consider inviting parents and teachers along too. If you are thinking about extending the invitation to parents or teachers here are a few things to consider:

How to Pick Up Jewelry for Debs

by Miranda Li
how to pick up jewelry for debs

When you selecting the jewelries for the deb, just remember the first rule: Don't overdo it.

It's tempting to load up on baubles and bling, but you don't want all those little metals to outshine you on the day. Here some tips to help you picking up the jewelries for the deb.

Beautiful Ethereal Deb Dresses Inspired by Lisa Gowing's Collection

by Miranda Li
beautiful ethereal deb dresses

Oh those white gowns! It seems impossible to take the eyes off these gorgeous designs created by Lisa Gowing! Undeniably beautiful collection of debutante dresses has both a traditional and modern flair. We are more than just excited to share the collection from the designer.

Custom Debutante Gown for Ms. Rawlins

by Miranda Li
Custom Deb Dress for Ms. Rawlins

This design is mainly provided by a customer for the deb in May 2019. We hand make the dress from pattern to finish and add detachable spaghetti straps to the dress according to her specifications. Each one of the beads and sequins is sewn by hand, not glued. If you would prefer an allover sparkly debutante gown, hope you could get inspirations from this dress.