Classic White Debutante Gowns with Cap Sleeves

by Miranda Li
cap sleeves deb dresses

We all know a debutante gown is all white with shoulder straps or short sleeves and full length dress. Well, today, all of the dresses in their look are really fairytale-like and feature the dreamiest and incredibly feminine details like exquisite lace pattern, crystals, sequins and elaborate beading work that take my breath away.

Vintage Inspired Debutante Dresses for 2019

by Miranda Li
vintage inspired debutante gowns

The collection of debutante dresses we are presenting today is vintage-inspired ones, so I guess that many girls will find something for themselves here.

The designers were inspired by diversity in our lives, so they created gowns in multiple styles that would fit different body shapes.

Economical Tips for Your Debutante Ball

by Miranda Li
economical tips for your debutante ball

Doing your debutante ball can become a little bit expensive, especially for girls. First there is the debutante gown and then hairdo, make-up, shoes, etc. So to help you keep the cost down and make your debutante ball more enjoyable by relieving the stress. Here are some simple tips for saving money for your debutante ball.

Chic Deb Dresses with Pockets

by Miranda Li
chic deb dresses with pockets

Sometimes just one detail is enough to leave a long-lasting impression to make you speechless. Pockets: A modern but also functional touch. A pocket dress is one of the hottest trends that is here to stay,

Beautiful Open Back Deb Dresses

by Miranda Li
beautiful open back deb dresses

The deb dress is one of the most important dresses you will ever buy. There are many different types and varieties of deb dresses to choose from, with many different details that make each gown unique. One of the centerpieces of a deb dress is the back of the gown.

Sparkly Debutante Gowns

by Miranda Li
Sparkly Debutante Gowns

I love most of the modern tendencies of deb dresses and I think they provide more and more ways for girls to find their one and only style, express their individuality and stand out.

Halter Neckline Deb Dresses

by Miranda Li
Halter Neckline Deb Dresses

Spaghetti straps are popular for debutante gowns but halter straps look no less cool! That’s why today we are showing deb dresses with halter straps. High neck with illusion straps make a deb dress elegant, beautiful and will help you to avoid

Clean & Simple Debutante Dresses

by Miranda Li
clean & simple deb dresses

A deb dress - illustrious white gown that is the epitome of grace and class. Shopping for this dress is tricky, but not impossible. Especially when you know what you should be looking for.

Custom Deb Dress for Sammy

by Miranda Li
custom deb dress for sammy

This design is mainly provided by a customer for the deb in September, 2018. According to her specifications, we hand make the dress from pattern to finish. Hope you could get inspirations from this dress.

Chic Floral Deb Dresses

by Miranda Li
floral deb dresses

We shared multiple times trendy deb dress collections and we’re super excited to do it again. Today, I want to share with you one of my very favourite deb trends - floral deb dresses!