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You just found a smarter way to shop for Debutante Gowns & Formal Dresses is run and managed by Jeca Designs Pty Ltd (ABN:16111307585). We provide customers with stylish debutante dresses, formal dresses and accessories for deb balls, school formals and special events. We strive to make exceptional products that's beyond customer's expectations.

Benefits & What differs us from the rest...

Our production facility is set up in China. With easy access to high quality materials and skillful workers, we manage to make our prices and quality extremely competitive. You will saving up to 80% off prices – based on closest equivalent products in design & quality.

We control the whole process from designing, production, quality control to shipping. This setup enable us to accomodate any special requirements customers may have. Select a dress and specify the color, size and details. Customize the way you want it.

We specialize in custom made desings and offer everyone the change to design their very own special dresses. All we need is that you provide us with your thoughts and ideas regarding the designs that inspire you and at the drop of a magic wand we will have your dress ready!

We are proud of our dedicated, hard-working and skillful production team. After receivning your order, we can finish the dress and deliver to you in 20 working days or less, that no others can compete. We help you stay orgainized!

How it works?

When you buy on Deb Dresses Online you are buying directly from the manufacturer who design and make the gourgeous dress. We communicate with you directly and try our best to acomodate any requirements you may have.


  1. Find your dress and place an order. We then check order info. and send it to producition team.
  2. Our seamstress will begin tailoring your gown according to the specifications in your order.
  3. Your dress is sewn together by professional tailors.
  4. Embroidery, beads and various embellishments are stiched on the dress.
  5. The seamstress will make the final touches by hand.
  6. After quality control, the completed dress is wrapped up and sent by your selected courier.
  1. 1 Working Day
  2. 5 Working Days
  3. 5 Working Days
  4. 5 Working Days
  5. 5 Working Days
  6. 3-7 Working Days

Our Values & Promises...

  • It’s better to do one thing right than many things poorly. We focus on the things that actually matter
  • Great products win. We care deeply about the quality of our products and take pride in perfecting the details. We strive to make exceptional products that's beyond customer's expectations.
  • We value our customers. The best marketing is word-of-mouth from passionate customers. We go the extra mile to make that happen.
  • We are serious about cutting down cost to keep price low so that every customer can afford a beautiful gown, while look like a million dollars.